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A for Adaptability

Where do we come from, where do we go?

The answer is – it is the same place. It is both within ourselves (see your heart area), where the Soul resides. It is also all around us – our Universe, our God.

One of the best and most interesting movies I have seen so far about our origin, the link between the science (i.e. human attempts at understanding and proving everything through logic and numbers) and spirituality (i.e. stop scientifying and start being, observing the God within) is “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds”. The film is in four parts, each of them opening an important aspect of understanding of our Universe.

I link you to the first part; the others will be chain-linked in YouTube. Make sure to watch all four!

This film touches upon a wealth of important subjects, and shares an incredible amount of wisdom with us.

One of the closing statements of the movie is: “Ability to succeed lies not in power or strength. It is in the level of adaptability”. And I would like to talk a little bit about it with you today.

When a baby is born, it is small, rather wrinkly and even the scull is really not fully formed and hardened, so that it can pass through the birth canal. The baby’s body has a capacity to change shape in order to make it to this world. Pretty amazing, right? Here’s the first use of adaptability for you.

However, in order to survive, the scull bones harden over time. They protect the brain from external shocks (to an extent;) With time, a baby becomes a toddler, a child, an adolescent, an adult, an old person. And at the end, that person’s body dissipates either in the Earth or in Fire. Think about how much happens to our bodies over one lifetime! The nature made it so that our bodies adjust to the environment and the context we live in. For example, the skin of people living in warmer areas is darker, to be able to tolerate excessive heat.

But physical aspect is not all there is to a human. It is said, that we come to this world already with a formed character, and that throughout the lifetime, we gather experiences, we learn lessons, which enrich us, and allow us to walk the evolutionary path towards our Creator.

Walking this path, much like squeezing oneself through the birth canal, requires agility, adaptability, flexibility. And all this not only on a physical plane, but also on the mental, energy and spiritual planes.

For some things, we need firm principles to go by, in order to help construct ourselves. And sometimes, these principles need to be treated differently, should the situation require.

Like a tree, which bends in the wind, in order not to break, so must we, go with the flow, in order to achieve our highest goal. We must always be “in the moment” and able to assess the situation, so as to make the right decision.

Sometimes being too stiff, too resistant, even in the best of intentions, can cause destruction.

And I could give you so many examples of this phenomenon from my own life.

One of them dates back to my student years. When I studied in the university, I discovered that I really din’t like Accounting. It was one of the most boring subjects of our entire 4-year curriculum. I much preferred more complex and abstract subjects like Econometrics.

However, when I changed my job (yes, I was working and studying in parallel, as many of my compatriots were), I discovered, much to my surprise, that part of my work would be office accounting. Can you imagine the horror? I tried to explain to my boss that I was a macroeconomic analyst, and that office accounting seriously did not interest me. But the fact was that if I were to keep my job, I had to make do with my “portfolio” of tasks, including accounting. So I accepted it, and in the end it was not too bad after all. One of the bonuses of accepting it was that accounting taught me to be (more) orderly with my thoughts and my paper work both at home and at work. In fact, being organised and orderly, as opposed to passionate and spontaneous, helps sort out thoughts, emotions, attitudes towards things in general. (Please, don’t misunderstand me – without passion and spontaneity life is dull! But its good to keep a balance at all times:) Believe it or not, I ended up sticking around for 6 years with that employer.

I suppose you get the gist. Adaptability is crucial for those who move to other countries, in order to not become eternally unhappy with the weather, the way locals do things, the distance with the beloved ones, and so on. Adaptability is important for those who have to change their lifestyle because of a change in their family composition. Adaptability is useful when working in a multicultural environment, so as to build bridges rather than barriers with colleagues coming from other countries. Adaptability is crucial for young mothers, when they realise they cannot handle everything around the house like they used to, and accept that family members and friends come over and help, even when things are not done exactly the way she would. Must I continue?

Having principles and views on things is very good – it is what makes us what we are, they are our special colours if you like. But by being too rigid, we risk ending up being angry, irritable and unhappy in the long term. And that will invariably have an impact on our health, and ultimately, on the length and the quality of our life.

I invite you to analyse the way you have been reacting to events, the way you are building your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and the way you tend to think in general. Is there room for a bit more adaptability in your life?

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