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Who are the Six Figure Mentors?

Before I dive into the actual explanation of what is SFM, let me start with a little prelude, uncovering my own journey, which led me to the SFM.

My story

During most of my life, I was very conformist. I studied hard to get good grades. I obeyed my parents as much as I could. (True: sometimes I couldn’t – internal drive to follow the heart’s calling can be difficult to override!) I did my best to get a good job and earn a decent living. I spent decades looking for my Prince on the White Horse. And I am so glad I did because it brought so much happiness into my life!

But all of that was like driving a car on a warn-out road, wheels falling deep into the tracks. You can’t get away from it, and most of the time you don’t even want to, ‘cause if you do, it can get bumpy. Who likes bumpy, when one has already gotten used to smooth?

One day, on my way to work, I realised how much I did not want to go there. The feeling was rather unpleasant. It sat coldly inside, nudging me to stray off the path. To pick up my kids from childcare. To go home and make a spontaneous party. Or bring them to the park and have ice-cream.

A travelling child

Anything but that office with the same old story of sitting all day, typing away something that I was hardly interested in. Watching my life go by uselessly.

It was the day I started thinking hard about my alternatives to working the 9-5. The obligations of doing my hours at work, over an hour commute each way, being on time in the childcare facility, and ignoring the accumulating tiredness while acting happy and “in the moment” at home, were weighing on me. I wondered whether there was any space for me in all of this swirl of obligations. When do I get to rest and to do the things I love? Surely, there was a way out, I thought.

Over a year had passed in (a relatively futile) search for an answer. When one day, while searching for my favourite background music on YouTube, I saw a video (ad) of a young man – a father and an engineer from Sweden – who spoke about how he managed to transform his life with the SFM. 

He spoke directly to my heart, and I still wonder how he did it. All I know is that from that day I became part of the SFM.

What is SFM/DEA?

SFM stands for the Six Figure Mentors, and DEA is Digital Experts Academy. Co-founded by two online marketing gurus, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, it is a platform for growth, learning online marketing, networking and nurturing new ideas. The ultimate goal of this platform is to empower people to start living on their terms: where they want, when they want and how they want. 

This platform provides a step-by-step guide to starting your online business, including:

  • a wealth of tools and resources
  • over-the-shoulder training
  • thematic weekly webinars
  • LIVE masterminds
  • training webinars
  • 1-to-1 mentorships 
  • live events
  • and so much more!

Another precious aspect of the SFM is that you can start earning as you learn. Yes, really! You don’t need to complete all assignments before starting to market. The underlying concept is that learning by doing is the best way forward.

To top it all off, the community of SFM members is the most supportive, nurturing and loving environment a corporate world has ever seen!

In other words, once you start your training, there is no way you can fail, unless you consciously decide to. That said, your results are not guaranteed. Anyway, what is guaranteed in this life apart from death?

But you know, somehow it is a good thing. It keeps you on the ball and provides a drive to develop yourself and your business every day. You can start marketing as fast as you want, or as soon as you are ready in terms of knowledge and mindset.

Is it for you?

I hear you – you are already wondering whether this could be a solution for your lifecircumstances. In short, the SFM is for you if you echo one (or more!) of the following: 

  • had enough of trading time for money
  • have dreams that you want to see materialise
  • want to have more control of your daily routine 
  • want to wake up happy every morning
  • feel like you are cut out for entrepreneurship
  • want to become not just a money-making machine, but an aware, present and happy person.

But don’t take my word for it! See what some of the SFM members are saying about their journey and their mindset:


If you feel interested in the SFM, you can subscribe to the introductory video series – for free! – and decide for yourself whether this is for you. 

Please, do contact me in case you have any further questions on the SFM – I will be delighted to talk to you about it!

Let me know what you think!

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