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The (un)surprising truth about modern-time motherhood and the best tip I could ever give!

If you asked me today what my biggest joy is, what my biggest source of happiness is, what is it that I am most worried about, what makes me vibrate from excitement, what does my heart pine for, where most of my thoughts reside… My answer would be immediate and strongly delivered: “My children”.

THANK GOD I became a mother.

What is motherhood like?

I am one of those, who dreamt of becoming a mother since my 20th birthday but only reached my dream in my late 30ies. Better later than never, as the saying goes. Let’s just say that I spent over 15 years looking for the perfect father for my kids. And, subconsciously, during these long years, I was going through a period of personal growth, thus preparing myself for the big shift in my life.

The universe has a great sense of humour and has its ways, really. My road was long and winding (I will share some of it in the future posts), but the truth is – it was all full of purpose and totally worth it.

And by the way – THANK YOU, UNIVERSE, for having sent my husband along the way! He is the best father for my children, he is an amazing husband, he is one of the few people in my life with such unseen integrity. I feel humble standing next to him, and yet deep inside I know we are a perfect match. Beyond doubt, we were clearly blessed to have become parents. Our children are the most precious gift we could ever receive.

Don’t misunderstand me: being a mother in this day and age is nothing short of courageous. The short maternity leave, the realities of a nuclear family, the inevitable viruses and sick children, the unwelcome influence of other people on our kids, whose behaviour we don’t appreciate but cannot avoid… Can you relate?

That said, the steep learning curve an adult goes through when becoming a parent is one of the most precious experiences one could have in this world. No university degrees, no masterclasses will give you what a year with a child brings. It’s truly challenging at every level of one’s personality (physical, psychic, behavioural, emotional, you name it). And it is truly rewarding all at the same time. Because it brings out the best in ourselves. In wishing to become the best example to our future generation, we go the extra mile to ensure the best future for our children.

Go figure how a modern-day woman has to survive as she is surrounded by so many responsibilities and high expectations

Doubtlessly, fearless are those modern-day women who have decided to become mothers. The admirable, deserving utmost respect, praise, and help possible. They were probably raised in a competitive environment, where everybody had to go to high-school, graduate with distinction, get a stellar job and start earning piles of cash from day one. Blessed will be those women, who managed to move away from the stereotypical way of thinking and who search for their true selves and true meaning in this loud, confusing, competitive and often uncompassionate world.

Are you connecting with me on this?

How could moms make it easier for themselves?

My today’s message is addressed to all those mothers, who:

  • want to remain active professionally
  • don’t want to give up on their hard-earned academic degrees
  • want to maintain professional activity without undermining their role of a mother and a wife
  • seek to find a more natural and pleasant way of living (not be rushed and exhausted and demotivated daily)
  • want to have some me-time for self-development, meditation and practicing hobbies

If you recognise yourself in any of this – excellent! Because I have something in store for you! There is a way to earn money that is outside and beyond the trade of time for money. This way is in tune with modern technological development, in tune with the modern way of living. All that so you can be a loving mother and become a modern-day income earner!

This way does not require huge investments, it does not require any prior knowledge. All it requires is a strong drive to succeed! I am talking about online marketing.

In short, online marketing is the check-and-mate response to the trap I (and many of you) found myself in at some point. But let me first share my story…

The turning point

This is how I felt during my commutes – like this rushing train

There was a time in my life, where I felt squeezed between the working hours of my daughter’s kindergarten, my working hours and the punctuality of the local train system (or lack thereof, I should say…) You know, I live only 30 kilometers (20 mins) away from the capital where my work was located, but the entire daily commute took an hour each way. That included a train, a metro and sometimes a bike. Car was not an option, because of the monstrous traffic jams, which could make my commute even longer (stressful, annoying, you name it).

One day – I still remember it as clearly as yesterday – I received a recommended letter from my daughter’s nursery. The letter explained that the previous month I was often late to pick my daughter up, and so their personnel had done some 2.5 hours overtime. Of course, I was fully aware of it!, and the truth is that it was entirely due to the hiccups of the train system in Belgium. The recommended letter went on to say that this goes cross with their internal rule number 48. They offered me two options: either we adjust our way of acting (such as hire a nanny or find a way to never be late), or our daughter would be expulsed from the nursery.

The modern invention of the kindergartens…

Just for reference: we had to wait for 15 months to get a place for our child in this public nursery. Private ones were all booked for an even longer period of time. So imagine what crossed my mind when I read that letter…

Let me tell you that my response was an emotional tsunami, no less. My poor hubby did not know what to do, as he had never, and I mean never, seen me like this. I was raging, cursing, shouting. What was the solution in such a situation? Why did they not talk to me directly first? Why must I pay so dearly for something that is absolutely out of my control (thank you, SNCB!)?

So, I thought long and hard and ended up giving up on my “me-time” on Fridays (which was my one day off from everything and everyone) and to adjust my working hours, so that I would work five days instead of four, but leave office one hour earlier and then for sure be able to pick up my daughter on time.

This was a pivotal point in my entire attitude to the 9-5 lifestyle. I became cynical about the whole story of having to depend on one employer, one geographical location for earning money, having to work on someone else’s terms – all that for a “guaranteed income”. It was then, that I started looking for a radically different approach to earning money.

Out of the rat race

Luckily, one day many months later, I saw a video on YouTube from a young man called Emil. He explained that once he was an engineer, but now he is glad to live a life on his terms, with no conditions put onto him by his boss, no ceiling for earnings. And he was wishing to help me become free, like him, too. I did not have to blink twice before clicking on the link that followed. And I am SO GLAD I did!

Today, it is my turn to offer you this stellar opportunity of creating your online business from scratch, and start earning money according to your own potential. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, click the button below and sign up for the free video series, which can lead you to a better reality:

These video series have transformed my life. In a way, It was way more than just learning online marketing. In fact, it was far beyond that! It was also about joining a community of like-minded, supportive and creative people, and building an ethical, productive and sustainable business with the help of coaches, trainers, business leaders.

It was also about elevating the state of consciousness to higher planes. It was about taking charge of my own life, and not sleep-walking but taking every conscious step with full awareness and responsibility. It was about opening my heart and mind to the abundance of this Universe, rather than closing my options in an “open-space” office with people whose values I no longer share. It was about honouring my own values and living the life I want.

If you are reading this blog post thinking “Oh, that sounds interesting, but…”, if you have any questions at all – please write to me! I will be more than happy to talk to you and clarify any and all possible stumbling blocks.

To your success in life as a mother, as a professional, as a human being who deserves the best in this world!

Let me know what you think!

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