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In The Order of Priority

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “priority”? Is it about driving? Is it about work? Or is it about your life?

The other day, a very good friend of mine shared a highly interesting point, which I want to share with you today. By the end of my story, you will understand why I was asking you these questions.

Give some thought to the fact, that a lot of people – indeed most people – live by faith these days! How does this faith manifest?

Here is a striking example. Today, most people are wearing a mask in public places, because they are afraid to catch the virus. They have not seen the virus, they have not heard it speak, they have not felt it on their skin, but they hold complete confidence in that it is definitely out there. They live by the word of scientists, health professionals, and the government, and believe them fully. Even when the authorities first say one thing and then a few weeks later the rhetoric turns radically opposite (eg on the efficiency of the use of a mask as a preventive measure). The word of the authorities has been changing faster than the change of seasons, and yet we accept it and follow their word. 

In the meantime… the word of God has been there since forever and has not changed a bit in the meantime. But we do not seem to have faith in it. We doubt it because we have never seen God. We have never read his blogs, listened to his podcasts, quoted his tweets, shared his youtube videos. God’s teachings are timeless, they are in full respect and recognition of a man’s nature. The Creator knows what he has made us of 🙂 and he knows what we need to be happy.

But wouldn’t listen. We want to listen to the government, to the loudest shouting popstar, to the most expensive political campaigner.

Is this fair?

No, I don’t mean “fair vis-à-vis the God Allmighty”. I mean “fair vis-à-vis ourselves”. Did we set our priorities right? Did we even ponder about what we are doing to ourselves? Just look at the statistics on suicides, depressions, obesity, divorce, the list is endless.

The time has come to step back and give our priorities a huge think.

Do we want to follow the loudest, or do we want to learn about ourselves and our nature? Do we want to REALLY understand what is important in life, and start following suit?

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