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Respect a woman

This morning, my husband said: a mother is to be respected. For all the children she gave life to, the energy she put into raising them, caring for them, loving them.

What he said gave me a sense of a warm blanket enveloping me all around. Suddenly, all the conflicts with my children became less dramatic, all worries became less significant, future outlook on parenting felt less troubling.

(Mind you, I am in the final stages of weaning my youngest, so I am emotionally sensitive, riding this weaning hormonal wave (pun intended;)).

And what my husband had said, married beautifully to the thought that was lingering in my mind over the weekend. The gist of it is as follows.

The utmost a woman can do in her life is to:

  • become a mother, and
  • discover God.

And (!!!) the two are not necessarily very separate things.

Look at it this way: through motherhood, a woman discovers The Universe, The Creator, our God. I don’t mean to sound all religious. But I don’t mind sounding a little spiritual 😉

Let’s admit it: when becoming a mother, a woman shares the role of a Creator, by participating in its material aspect. Giving a body to the soul of her child. This is no small thing, I am sure you will agree.

Woman is a co-Creator

Like God, who loves everyone unconditionally, but has a particular feeling for those who serve him, a mother loves all her children equally. But those who have the wit to listen to her teachings have a special place in her heart.

Unconditional Love

And when going through the agony of learning to love her children just the way they are – so different from her, or so similar that it is almost regretful. So independent in their attitudes, or so clinging to her she almost wishes they did not. So radically different in their interests and so removed from the way she was growing up as a child… When she learns to set her loved ones free rather than to attach, she discovers the way God loves us. A love that is unattached and unconditional.

Recognise the Uniqueness And Make It Shine

In my book, a true woman (as described above) is a real Goddess. No less! Because a mother’s journey is one of the most strenuous, rewarding, enriching, and fascinating the world has ever known. It is a journey of evolution.

Woman Is A Goddess

May every woman, who wishes to do so, finds her way to God within. May she find eternal bliss by doing so.

Let me know what you think!

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