The question is: who is this Vi Proskurovska? What is she like and why does she want to help?

Vi is short for Viktorija. I come from late-Soviet-era Latvia. With black-brick-bread and milk in pyramid-shaped packets. With food tickets because of a general state of deficit, and ground coffee poured directly into the cup together with the boiling water, because we did not know any better. Born to a family of Russian-speaking parents, I was the only child.

Growing up in a newly-turned-independent troubled country was special and somewhat liberating. On the one hand, my parents’ worry about my current well-being, and my prospects were palpable. On the other, opportunities in a newly established market economy were abundant, if only one could see them. A lot of people got rich back then.

But I was too young at the time to ride that wave, and I am not that kind of person as you shall shortly discover. Instead, I participated in my family’s stride to make ends meet by starting to work early, in fact as early as in high school (I was 16 at the time) teaching English and math to younger kids.

This gave me a head start in multi-tasking. I also worked as an economist in the Ministry of Finance while studying Analytical Economics. When I got a job in Brussels (Belgium) as a Project management team assistant, I decided that I need to do a distance-learning MBA to better understand project management.

The next job I held was more related to economy and finance, and I gave it my all: my heart, my dedication, and my willingness to better the practices of the working place I was at. It coincided with the global financial and economic crisis, which almost doubled the workload in that company.

Those seven years were a steep and intensive learning curve for me. I loved it. I really thrived on building new and nurturing existing contacts, learning new things, on seeing the impact of my work. But I could not stand the management style there, or often absence thereof.

So, I moved jobs again. But this time I thought a little bit about myself, and arranged an 80% work contract, to limit the time I spend at work and give myself more space for the various hobbies that were budding at the time.

And the list is long! From photography to massage, to dancing, to spiritual practices – the spectrum is rich in colour and shape. The best part about all the different things I love doing is that they bring joy, or a smile, or relief, or just happiness to the people I do it for. In my opinion, the best part of life is to serve others!

The truth is, I love seeing myself and other people grow, I love dreaming and then realising my dreams, and those are manifold! Some of them are transforming into projects as we speak, and that is another wonderful story.

However, having become a mom of two kids while already being a wife and an employee, I discovered, that there’s just not enough time and energy in a day to manage everything and still be able to enjoy life like I used to. There is no more time for myself and my hobbies, but there is a big responsibility on my shoulders as a mother and a wife. Something has to give! But what?

I spent a couple of years trying to understand what needs to be done, how things need to change, and what it would involve. As well as learning to be a mom, accumulating tiredness, and discovering the fact that my fifth Lombard vertebrae suffers from arthrosis and is pushing the discs on either side towards the spinal column. Now that explained well the pain and the tiredness I have been suffering…

But being a responsible person, I could not just give up my job, because bills a must be paid at the end of the month, don’t you agree? And family cannot just be deported to grandma and grandpa for as long I am looking for a way to arrange everything, right?

A magical solution presented itself, whereby I could use my already habitual practice of working and studying in order to achieve my dream. A course that I could follow online, at my own pace, which transformed my life in so many ways! I am so glad that the Universe presented me with this opportunity. There is –  for sure – no way back. Because it allows me to achieve all I want to be (wife, mom, creative person, healthy person) without crashing half the way out of exhaustion. Because it gives me the freedom to work on self-development, to leave a positive mark in this life, and to have enough means to live the lifestyle I choose.

If you are anything like me, you want to be a great mom, a happy woman, a loving and attractive wife, a great friend, and – we are in the modern age after all – to earn a living without sacrificing everything else in life. And that includes health, by the way.

If you are anything like me, you would give a lot to find a smart! way to combine everything, because you are an achiever!

If you are anything like me, you want to live a full and happy life.

The great news is that you are in the right place for that!

Take back control of your life. There is a new creative and productive opportunity for yourself, which will free time for you to spend with your family, on your personal growth, on helping others the way you have been dreaming for ages, and more!

If you are as motivated as I am, then just follow this link and give yourself the gift of discovery.