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Discover An Aromatic Way To A Happier and Healthier Life

A smart modern person will certainly have a few essential oils at hand.

Why? Because he’d want to have a natural way to uplift his spirits, make him stronger, healthier. He’d want to have a  simple natural remedy to balance out the harsh world of stress, tight deadlines and conflicting demands that weave the fabric of our reality. 

What does such a reality translate into? Insomnia. Fatigue. Leaking gut. Low immunity. Susceptibility to colds. Weight gain. Unbalanced hormones. Migraine. Muscle pain. Lack of energy. Low mood. All these and much more make the long list of side effects of today’s unnatural, unhealthy lifestyle. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”, they say. 


Stress, and especially prolonged periods of stress without adequate relief, can create irreversible damaging consequences to our body and mind. By the age of 20, literally each human has been subject multiple sources of stress. They are related to stress at school, stress in a difficult relationship, stress at work, stress relating to the health of a family member, the list is really endless.

And while we are taught in school how to count, read and write, to calculate the distance to the moon and to figure out the square root of a negative number, we are unfortunately not taught to handle our emotions, to deal with stress and to take care of our health.

Today more than ever, we must be mindful of the way we live, the way we set priorities and the way we respect ourselves and others. 

Life is not made to suffer, it is to be enjoyed and to live fully.

Admittedly, we live in a time of information overload and endless offers to improve well-being and healthier lifestyle. The question arises: whom to trust? The answer lies in personal experience. You can be confident in your approach as you discover simple, safe and empowering solutions.

Today I invite you to personally experience the powerful benefits of dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils.

Why essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural substances created by plants. They are aromatic molecules that give plants their distinct aroma,  and:

  • help plants resist sun damage,
  • attract polinators,
  • protect plants during temperature extremes,
  • heal herbivore feeding damage,
  • assist during periods of low nutrients,
  • resist microbial attack, and
  • repel insects. 

This quite impressive list of qualities makes essential oils precious also for humans. Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically or internally. They can serve so many purposes, that catalogues have been created and regularly updated to keep track of only the most basic uses of the essential oils! Because of such versatile application of different oils, if desired, one could replace most spices, most chemical cleaning products and most pharmaceutical products by carefully applying the right essential oils for the right purpose. If you use pure and high-quality essential oils in your daily life, you can rid yourself and your environment of the chemicals that the vast majority of store-sold products contain. Is it not fascinating? 

To indulge into the world of essential oils is the most direct and sure way to understand why dōTERRA® is revolutionising the way people and entire families manage their well-being. 

Family discovers essential oils

But there is more to it. 

Once you discover (and surely fall in love with 😉 the world of dōTERRA essential oils, you get an opportunity of either becoming a Wholesale Customer, or a Product Consultant. The former gives you access to great discounts on the whole spectrum of the dōTERRA products. The latter gives you an opportunity to not only benefit from substantial discounts, but also earn commissions on items sold!

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